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Back 2 Work Scheme 

In the UK, the employment gap between disabled and non-disabled individuals is starkly evident, with only 52.3% of disabled people in employment compared to 81.1% of non-disabled people. Area 51 Education is poised to tackle this challenge head-on with the innovative "Back 2 Work" program. Tailored for young adults with disabilities and special needs, this initiative aims to equip participants with the necessary skills, confidence, and opportunities for meaningful employment. Aligned with our academic term dates, the program underscores our commitment to impactful vocational training, ensuring meaningful engagement without compromising educational progress.


The Back 2 Work Scheme represents a forward-thinking approach to vocational training and personal development for individuals with special needs. Our comprehensive program not only facilitates practical skills and experiences but also fosters a supportive community of businesses and organizations committed to making a difference.

Workshop Details

  • Target Audience: Young adults aged 19-25 with disabilities or special needs

  • Program Duration: One-week intensive course, sessions from 5pm to 7pm

  • Capacity: Limited to 30 participants per session for personalized attention

  • All Inclusive Fee: £700 - £1,000 per participant

  • Features Include: Professional CV building, Certificate of Completion, Guaranteed One-Week Work Placement, Daily Therapeutic Sessions, Incentives for Partnering Companies, Nutritious Dinners, and Personalized Transportation.

Program Availability

We are hoping to offer this program during our term dates, structured as follows:

  • Term 1: Friday, 1st September 2023 - Thursday, 21st December 2023

    • Half Term: Monday, 23rd October 2023 - Friday, 27th October 2023

  • Christmas Break: Friday, 22nd December 2023 - Friday, 5th January 2024

  • Term 2: Monday, 8th January 2024 - Thursday, 28th March 2024

    • Half Term: Monday, 12th February 2024 - Friday, 16th February 2024

  • Easter Break: Friday, 29th March 2024 - Friday, 12th April 2024

  • Term 3: Monday, 15th April 2024 - Friday, 19th July 2024

    • Half Term: Monday, 27th May 2024 - Friday, 31st May 2024

(Note: The program will pause during the Christmas, New Year, and Easter periods.)



Area 51 Education invites you to support this ambitious initiative, which not only aims to bridge the employment gap for disabled individuals but also fosters an inclusive society. For more details on participating or partnering with the Back 2 Work scheme, please contact us.

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